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I found my thrill on Katherine4U
March 31st, 2007

Ouchy! This babe really is my kind of girl, not too thin but also not chubby. Katherine4U from LiveJasmin has got the perfect body! And best of all she seemed really nice. I could think of worse things to spend my day than chatting to this gorgeous hottie all day. I’m afraid that if I would have talked to her any longer I’d be addicted to one more thing besides cigarettes, booze and, oh yeah, women.

Katherine4U livejasmin

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DESERTFYRE, my first sexchat with lesbians
March 29th, 2007

Ok, after a few weeks of only chatting with solo babes I wanted to try something new today. So I surfed around a bit on LiveJasmin and found a lesbian section on the site. Two girls immediately caught my eye, they went under the name DESERTFYRE. They claimed to be both 22 years old but frankly, I didn’t care. I was horny as hell already and wanted to see the show. And what a show it was…

DESERTFYRE livejasmin

If you want to see these two hotties in action yourself.
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Movie: HighVoltage Rock ‘n Roll
March 27th, 2007

This girl made my heart skip a few beats. She’s called HighVoltage, can be admired on the site JoyYourself, is 22 years old and her sole goal in life is to make guys cum. Or at least that was my impression when I chatted with this really goodlooking babe. I recorded the first minute of our session again to give you an impression of this kinky raven haired girl.

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NIKOLLE from LiveJasmin really turned me on!
March 25th, 2007

Only 19 years old is this gorgeous chatgirl from LiveJasmin but she knows how to turn on horny guys like me. Ok I admit, it doesn’t take much to turn me on but this hottie did it in a record time. Her info said she was bisexual so I wouldn’t mind ending up in a hot FFM threesome with her and one of her girlfriends someday :)

NIKOLLE livejasmin

I really recommend checking this girl out!
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FuckMeHardGuys says this Asian hottie
March 23rd, 2007

The screenname of this asian hottie called FuckMeHardGuys who stars on JoyYourself didn’t left much room for other thoughts. She does what her name promises and made me so horny I really wanted to fuck her! If you really want to get off I advise you to pay this 18 year old petite asian doll a visit!

FuckMeHardGuys joyyourself

Visit FuckMeHardGuys at JoyYourself now!
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Indian chatgirl 0HotTatianaXX
March 21st, 2007

Some of these webcam girls take on the strangest screennames. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t hot as hell. Take this lovely Indian chick I found on LiveJasmin for instance. She uses the name 0HotTatianaXX to come online. It was the first time I ever chatted with an Indian chick and I must say I’m not disappointed. You should really check her out for yourself!

0HotTatianaXX livejasmin

To chat with this and many other girls just check out LiveJasmin!

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Movie: Hot blonde SecretSASKIA19
March 19th, 2007

SecretSASKIA19 from Joyourself sure knows how to turn a guy on. I managed to record a full minute of the beginning of our chat session. When she started wiggling her well-shaped but in my direction it was boner time right away. What she did afterwards I’ll let you guys guess.

And sorry for the bad recording again. I really should get myself a decent screen recorder sometime soon.

Feel free to check out Joyourself for yourself. Just click here.

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A nice rack on xSerpentx
March 17th, 2007

I don’t know why this one chose the name xSerpentx, she sure doesn’t look like like a serpent. But I must say I had a hard time keeping my eyes of her big tits, maybe that’s why I didn’t notice anything else :)

This LiveJasmin model sure has a big set of tits, and she can do some really hot stuff with them. Believe me, I found out just a few minutes ago.

xSerpentx livejasmin

Check out LiveJasmin if you want to sexchat yourself!

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When the … ladysmiles
March 15th, 2007

A good Wednesday to all of you,

Today I went to Live Privates and had the most delightful chat with this girl called ladysmiles. We connected right away. She immediately understood what I wanted from her and she did it all with a smile. This one is going down in my little book where I keep my Favorites.

ladysmiles livejasmin

You really should pay Live Privates a visit. Ladysmiles probably wasn’t the only hottie on that site.
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GlamourGirlX sure has some nice tits
March 13th, 2007

Ok so today is the 13th of the month, good thing I’m not superstitious. So it’s just the normal getting online and starting to chat with some hot girls for me today. Today’s babe is GlamourGirlX from LiveJasmin. This one wasn’t shy at all and showed me her lovely teen tits right away. It didn’t took me long to have her taking off her panties so a nicely trimmed pussy was showing.

GlamourGirlX livejasmin

Feel free to try it out for yourself!
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