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Candance really got me horny today
January 12th, 2009

Wow, long time since I posted on this blog. But I’m back now. 2009 is gonna be another year filled with webcam moments for me and I hope the same for you. I’ve still been visiting live XXX webcams last year but didn’t feel the urge to blog about my visits to them since I’ve had a rather turbulent year. But now everything has calmed down so I can share my happy moments with you again.

Today’s babe of the day is defenitely Candance. This 23 year old hottie bewitched me with her lovely green eyes from the moment I set foot in her chat room.

live webcam sex

I spent about half an hour talking dirty to this beauty until I had to end our “conversation”. If I hadn’t stopped then I’d probably still be giving her orders and watching her twirl her beautiful body around. You should really pay her or one of her hot friends a visit at JOYourself if you’re bored and looking for a bit of excitement.

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BIGPERVERT sure is a kinky nurse
May 13th, 2007

Hmmm… I found this rather strange girl in the Fetish section of Joyourself and I just had to check her out. Her preview thumbnail was rather small so I didn’t know what to expect when the live webcam window popped open.
Well… surprise! A really big boned nurse showed up on my screen. Not really my cup of tea but I just had to put her on this blog anyway. :)

BIGPERVERT joyourself

So if this is the kind of stuff that you digg check out Joyourself now!

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Pussy Rubbing Allizee
May 4th, 2007

Some girls like to play with their pussy, can you blame them? Today I had a webcam chat with one of those girls. Allizee from Joyourself was constantly rubbing her shaven pussy while we were chatting. This 21 year old black-haired babe really turned herself on in front of her webcam. I think that if I had stayed one minute longer she would have squirted all over the room and on the webcam. Well maybe she did, but I was gone by then :)

Allizee joyourself

Visit Allizee at now!

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Young and innocent DianaFrisky
April 24th, 2007

This hottie just turned 18. Don’t you love it when they’re so innocent and young, but then again… this one seemed innocent when I entered her chatbox but that chaged quickly. In no time she was doing themost kinky things for me ,things I even never heard off. Altough you don’t have to take me as reference ofcourse :)

I think I’ll be seeing a lot of her in the future.

DianaFrisky joyourself

If you want to chat with DianaFrisky or other 18-22 year old girls…
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Lovely chubby honey LittleBunny
April 18th, 2007

They don’t always have to have the perfect size to make a man go wild. LittleBunny from JouYourself is a chubby hottie with all natural tits that did just that. She was very kind and very sensual. Just the kind of girl I want to have as a friend. That she got completely naked was also ok ofcourse…

LittleBunny jouyourself

See more of this hottie at Joyourself!

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Naughty Secretary SuzySweet
April 10th, 2007

Oh my… Now I’ve done it. When I clicked on SuzySweet’s pictures on JouYourself I almost fell out of my chair from excitement. This lovely sizzling hot babe looking like a naughty secretary showed up on my screen. When she started taking off her clothes and rubbing her ass against the webcam I almost totally lost it. Damn!

SuzySweet joyyourself

To check out this hot babe just visit JoyYourself!

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Cherryxxx makes joyyourself worthwhile
April 2nd, 2007

This morning I had a lovely chat with Cherryxxx from the awesome webcam chat site JoyYourself. This 21 year-old blonde bisexual hottie made my day begin just perfect. The things she did for me made me forget all the troubles I ran into last night. So if you’re feeling a little blue, Cherryxxx is the girl for you!
Wow, I should consider a career as a poet or something, not! :)

Cherryxxx joyourself

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Movie: HighVoltage Rock ‘n Roll
March 27th, 2007

This girl made my heart skip a few beats. She’s called HighVoltage, can be admired on the site JoyYourself, is 22 years old and her sole goal in life is to make guys cum. Or at least that was my impression when I chatted with this really goodlooking babe. I recorded the first minute of our session again to give you an impression of this kinky raven haired girl.

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FuckMeHardGuys says this Asian hottie
March 23rd, 2007

The screenname of this asian hottie called FuckMeHardGuys who stars on JoyYourself didn’t left much room for other thoughts. She does what her name promises and made me so horny I really wanted to fuck her! If you really want to get off I advise you to pay this 18 year old petite asian doll a visit!

FuckMeHardGuys joyyourself

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Movie: Hot blonde SecretSASKIA19
March 19th, 2007

SecretSASKIA19 from Joyourself sure knows how to turn a guy on. I managed to record a full minute of the beginning of our chat session. When she started wiggling her well-shaped but in my direction it was boner time right away. What she did afterwards I’ll let you guys guess.

And sorry for the bad recording again. I really should get myself a decent screen recorder sometime soon.

Feel free to check out Joyourself for yourself. Just click here.

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