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SexyRaisaXXX has lovely green eyes
April 26th, 2007

Indeed she does, at least that’s what her profile said. I had my eyes looking at some other assets of her. This 23 year old East-European hottie sure is a lust for the eye. In her sexy black lingerie she really managed to turn me on. Ok her English wasn’t perfect but neither is mine and she made it all up for that by giving me one of the hottest shows I’ve seen in… ehmm. well.. days.

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BeauMadeleine, je t’aime
April 14th, 2007

Or how do you say that in French?
I should probably tell you that gothic chicks are really my thing, I think I lean over to the dark side a bit. This 20-year-old gothic looking hottie has such nice big natural tits I couldn’t stop looking at her, before I knew it, an hour had past and I was still in the chatroom with her…

BeauMadeleine live privates

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Movie: Mature hottie ASIANDIAMOND
April 4th, 2007

Ok, I discovered something new. Older women know better than any young chick how to work their body in front of a webcam. AsianDiamond from Live Privates proves this point for 100%. Good thing I recorded a little over a minute from our chat earlier today so you guys can have a sneak peak on what this hottie was like to chat with. Anyways, check it out.

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When the … ladysmiles
March 15th, 2007

A good Wednesday to all of you,

Today I went to Live Privates and had the most delightful chat with this girl called ladysmiles. We connected right away. She immediately understood what I wanted from her and she did it all with a smile. This one is going down in my little book where I keep my Favorites.

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